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Doritos Mozzarella


Preparation mode:

What we have to do is cut the Mozzarella cheese, giving it the shape of finger, sticks, barytes or cheese fingers. With the cheese already cut, we are going to prepare it for our special batter of doritos and cheeses.

For this we are going to crush a bag of doritos in a kitchen robot, without giving it much time since we are interested in having some pieces and not to become dust. So as not to stain the kitchen, we will put the flour and the batter and doritos batter in separate bags. We pass the cheese through the Flour, then the beaten Egg and then the bag of the batter and we have one of the mozzarela baritas ready.

Repeat this process until all the cheese is finished and when finished we leave them in the freezer until the moment of its use. We fry in oil at high temperature so that the batter is browned and we can enjoy a melted cheese inside. After frying we left it on absorbent paper for a minute and ready to give us a big draw.

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